Charles Gregson

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Charles Gregson
Occupation Non-executive Chairman
Employer NEX Group
Location London
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Charles Gregson is non-executive chairman of NEX Group, formerly ICAP plc. He was appointed in 2001. [1]

In July of 2017, after pressure from shareholders, Gregson agreed to reimburse NEX Group for the 25,000 pounds ($28,500) that it donated to five members of parliament contesting seats against Liberal Democrats in the previous month's U.K. election. [2]


Between 1978 and 1998, Gregson was responsible for the Garban businesses that demerged from United Business Media plc in 1998 and then merged with Intercapital in 1999 to form ICAP. He was previously chief executive of PR Newswire Association Inc and served on the boards of United Business Media plc, Provident Financial plc, MAI plc and International Personal Finance plc.

He is also the non-executive chairman of CPP Group Plc and is a non-executive director of Caledonia Investments plc.


Gregson holds an MA in History and Law from Trinity Hall, Cambridge University.