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Charles Carey
Occupation Partner
Employer HC Tech
Location Chicago, USA
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Charles P. Carey is a Chicago-based futures broker, technology executive and former CBOT chairman. He is a partner in Henning and Carey, a CME Group clearing firm, and with HC Technologies LLC. He served as vice chairman of CME Group from 2007 - 2010 in connection with the merger[1] of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade.[2][3] [4][5]

Carey also serves as the chairman of the CME Group Foundation, created in 2008 and endowed with a gift of $16 million from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Trust (CME Trust). [6]

Carey was chairman of the CBOT starting in 2003 and oversaw its demutualization and stock market listing and, with CME chairman Terrence Duffy, was instrumental in negotiating the merger of the two Chicago exchanges first announced in October 2006.[7] Carey and Duffy first met at the CME in the hog pit back in the early 1980s when the grain markets were slow and Carey had moved over to the CME to trade.[8] He has been a member of the CME Group's board of directors since July of 2007.[9]

Carey also currently serves as the chairman of the Commodity Markets Council,[10] a North American trade association whose membership brings together commodity futures exchanges and boards of trade with their industry counterparts.[11]


Carey has been a member of the CBOT since 1978, and was first elected as chairman in 2003. He served as first vice-chairman from December 1999-2001 and from 1992-1994, as a full-member director of the exchange from 1996-1999. He became a director in 1993.

Carey also served as first vice-chairman of the Executive Committee, chairman of the Finance Committee and as a member of numerous CBOT committees, special committees and task forces.

Carey was a third generation member of the CBOT.[12] Both his grandfather, Peter B. Carey and uncle, Bernard Carey, are former chairmen of the CBOT.[13]

After graduating from college, Carey's first job was a union job installing electrical conduit in the underground downtown tunnels that would become the site of the great Chicago flood of 1992.[14]

Politically in 2007, Carey donated to Kirk for Congress, Rudy Giuliani Presidential Comittee Inc., Judy Biggert for Congress, Hillary Clinton for President, Friends of Rahm Emanuel, Chambliss for Senate, Hayes for Congress, Obama for America, Melissa Bean for Congress, Stevens for Senate Committee, Lautenberg for Senate, Chris Dodd for President, Inc, Hastert for Congress Committee and Auction Markets Political Action Committee of the Chicago Board of Trade[15]


Carey received a bachelor of arts degree in business administration from Western Illinois University.[16]


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