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China A-shares are RMB-denominated common stocks listed on either Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) or Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE). A-shares are issued by Chinese companies for domestic institutions, organizations, and individuals (expect residents in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau). A-shares are booked electronically, and settled on "T+1" by the China Securities Central Clearing & Registration Corporation (CSCCRC)[1][2], which is responsible for the central depository,registration and clearing of the securities. A-shares are subject to a 10-percent price limit, except for stocks under special treatment (ST shares or *ST shares), which are subject to a price limit of 5%[3][4].

Other categories of listed shares issued by Chinese companies include B-shares, H-shares, N-shares and S-shares, according to the location of the stock exchange that hosts each category of shares and the kind of the investors for which it's meant.


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