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Christian Hauff
Occupation CEO and Co-Founder
Employer Quantitative Brokers
Location New York City
LinkedIn Profile

Christian Hauff is the CEO and co-founder of Quantitative Brokers, a New York-based agency brokerage for the fixed income and futures markets. In this role, he oversees the firm’s product and business development. [1]


Hauff co-founded Quantitative Brokers with Robert Almgren in 2008 after leaving Bank of America Securities, where he spent three years as head of exchange-traded derivatives electronic sales.[2]

Before that, he spent six years at Barclays Capital, where he worked as director of e-commerce sales.


Hauff earned a B.S. degree in 1995 from the University of Queensland.


Hauff was interviewed by John Lothian News in 2014 at IDX. While electronic platforms and trade algorithms have made for more efficient markets, some buy-side participants believe it comes at a cost, and the cost is execution quality. Christian Hauff, co-founder and CEO of Quantitative Brokers says these same modern tools can help the buy-side obtain better execution, as well as better transaction cost analysis (TCA).

Execution Equalizer: Christian Hauff Talks Trade Execution Quality and TCA

Hauff sat for an interview with John Lothian News in March of 2020 about a white paper released by QB about trading volatility.


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