Christine Serwinski

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Christine Serwinski
Occupation Chief Financial Officer
Employer MF Global
Location Chicago

Christine Serwinski is the chief financial officer for North America at bankrupt broker-dealer MF Global.[1]


According to a CME Group timeline, at approximately 1 a.m. on Oct. 31, 2011 in Serwinski’s Chicago office, Serwisnki and treasurer Edith O'Brien told an exchange auditor that customer money had been transferred on Oct. 27 and Oct. 28, or even as early as Oct. 26. She and O'Brien said to the auditor, "About $700 million was moved to the broker-dealer side of the business to meet liquidity issues in a series of transactions on Thursday, Friday and possibly Wednesday." This admission reportedly took place just prior to MF Global's filing the eighth-largest U.S. bankruptcy at the time. It is estimated that $1.2 billion in customer money went missing.[2]


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