Colin Heffron

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Colin Heffron
Occupation President, CEO
Employer GFI Group
Location New York
Twitter @colinheffron

Colin Heffron is the president and CEO of inter-dealer broker GFI Group Inc.[1][2] He is responsible for all of GFI Group's brokerage, data and analytics businesses.[3]

Heffron has been president of GFI since 2004. On February 14, 2013 he was named the successor to company founder and long-standing CEO Mickey Gooch. After the transition, Gooch stayed on as executive chairman, where he will remain active in setting the strategic direction of the business.[4]


Heffron joined GFI Group Inc. in their New York office in 1988 as a broker of foreign currency options. Later, he moved to London to assist in the establishment of GFI Group Inc.'s London office. From 1998 until February 2004, he was head of all operations in Europe and joint-head of Asian operations. In 2004, he returned to New York to assume the role of company president.

Heffron also co-chairs the Board of Directors of the Bob Woodruff Foundation, a charity devoted to injured American service members, veterans and their families.[5]


Mr. Heffron holds a bachelor's degree in Government from St. Lawrence University in New York.