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Commodity Customer Coalition
Founded 2011
Headquarters Chicago
Key People John L. Roe, Co-founder
James Koutoulas, Co-founder
Products Non-profit customer advocacy group
Twitter @@jameskoutoulas
Facebook Page
Releases Company News

The Commodity Customer Coalition (CCC) was founded in November 2011 and advocates for former customers of bankrupt broker-dealer MF Global. Based in Chicago, the non-profit represents more than 8,000 former customers in an effort to return all of the customer segregated funds missing during MF Global's liquidation proceedings.[1] The CCC is not tied to any corporation.


John L. Roe, principal at futures broker BTR Trading and commodity trading advisor (CTA) with Roe Capital Management, and James Koutoulas, CEO of Typhon Capital Management and Typhon Securities, founded the CCC in November 2011. On Dec. 29, 2011, the CCC was officially incoporated as a non-profit entity, Commodity Customer Coalition, Inc.[2]

John Lothian News Interviews[edit]

Protection Fund: Building a Better Piggy Bank
Is there any protection for my futures account? That is the key question for futures customers today and quite likely, the answer is "no" or "not much." While dialog and debate ranges on the type of customer protection fund or insurance that might or might not work, John Roe, co-founder of the Commodity Customer Coalition and principal at BTR Trading, says it is essential to restore customer confidence.

In this video, Roe explains how protection for futures customers can be established with a small fund that ultimately will grow over time using a small trading fee. And, in the case of a default, it would replace customer funds before they were tied up in bankruptcy court. Published Jan. 8, 2012.[3] Visit the Restoring Customer Confidence video series page >

Products and Services[edit]

The CCC is a consumer advocacy non-profit connecting Congress, bankruptcy courts, regulators and the media with former MF Global and PFGBest customers.

  • MF Global Information Center[4]
  • PFG Information Center[5]

Key People[edit]


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