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Corporate BondTicker™ is a bond price information tool from MarketAxess that offers institutional investors and dealers, in the United States and Europe, access to fixed income market data. The web-based data service combines Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) data with the firms tools to provide pricing information such as actual execution prices, spread-to-Treasuries and asset swap spreads estimated by MarketAxess. The data consists of observable market inputs as well as market insight for the front, middle and back offices. [1]


In June of 2003, MarketAxess announced that the Wall Street Journal selected Corporate BondTicker as the provider of daily corporate bond pricing and trading volume data for it's Money & Investing section. [2]

In July of 2011, MarketAxess enhanced the Corporate BondTicker service to enable users to aggregate data on a company level, including summary and detailed views of a wide variety of aggregated market information for a parent corporation and its subsidiaries. Other additional functionality includes; providing a real-time view of the companies with the most active trading activity, aggregated data for each issuer as well as new issues, which includes the year-to-date investment grade corporate market calendar. Finally, search functionality was also enhanced allowing users to easily navigate the issuer module through a ticker or company name search feature. [3]