Council on Foreign Relations

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Council on Foreign Relations
Founded 1921
Headquarters New York, USA
Products Nonpartisan research/think tank on international affairs
Web site

Founded in 1921, the Council on Foreign Relations is a nonprofit, nonpartisan research and national membership organization dedicated to improving understanding of international affairs by promoting a range of ideas and opinions on United States foreign policy. [1]

The Council says in its mission statement that it is a "think tank, and publisher dedicated to being a resource for its members, government officials, business executives, journalists, educators and students, civic and religious leaders, and other interested citizens."[2] The Council provides up-to-date information and analysis about world events and American foreign policy on its main website page [1]. The Council has no affiliation with the United States government. Its budget is funded through members’ dues, voluntary gifts, income from publications, endowment income, foundation grants, and subscriptions by corporate subscribers to its corporate program.

The Council on Foreign Relations, headquartered in New York City, is located in a historic landmark townhouse on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, close to Central Park.

Corporate members of the Council include approximately 250 international firms representing nearly all business sectors, including financial services, law, consulting, energy, technology, pharmaceuticals, and media. Each year, corporate members participate in more than 100 events with world leaders and other Council members.

Its board of directors includes Robert Rubin, chairman of Citigroup, Inc., who was the first director of the Council and joined the Clinton Administration in 1993, serving in the White House as assistant to the president for economic policy; Peter Ackerman, managing director of Rockport Capital, Inc.; and Jami Miscik, Global Head Sovereign Risk at Lehman Brothers. The entire list of Council board directors can be found on the organization's web site [2]


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