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DTCC Solutions LLC
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Founded 1973
Headquarters New York
Key People Michael Bodson, President and CEO; Donna Milrod, head of DTCC Solutions
Products Information-Based and Business Processing Solutions

DTCC Solutions LLC is a subsidiary of the DTCC focusing on delivering information-based and business processing solutions to financial intermediaries globally. The firm's business is broken into two main products, the Global Corporation Action Validation Service and the Managed Accounts Service.[1]

Products and Services[edit]

Global Corporate Action Validation Service (GCA) is a service used by the financial industry provides a source of "scrubbed" corporate action announcement information for equities, fixed income and structured securities. GCA creates corporate action information through a comprehensive cleansing process which comprises data mapping, data normalization, consolidation and verification. The service thereby reduces cost and risk for both the intermediary firms that process the data and the investors who must make decisions based on the data. [2]

Managed Accounts Service DTCC's Managed Accounts Service, established in 2006, is a standardized automated platform for exchange of account and investment information disseminated through one central gateway, reducing operational costs, errors and the related risks. The service also includes features that address account maintenance, corporate actions and fee billing.

Key People[edit]