David Feltes

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David Feltes
Occupation Co-founder
Employer Seismic Foundry
Location London
Twitter @DaveFeltes
LinkedIn Profile
Website www.cmeeurope.com

David Feltes is a co-founder of Seismic Foundry, an investment fund in early stage fintech start-ups.


Previously, he served as the chief operating officer with CME Europe.[1] He was appointed to that role in 2012.[2]

Before joining the CME Group, Feltes was a senior consultant at Oliver Wyman.[3] Prior to that he was the head of the London office of Marquette Partners.[4] He joined Marquette Partners in 1994 in Chicago. He moved to their London office in 1998 and held a variety of senior positions. In 2000 he was named managing director and in 2006 he was named CEO.


Feltes holds a bachelor of arts from Washington University in St. Louis, MO in economics.


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