Diane Genova

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Diane Genova
Occupation Managing Director and General Counsel, Investment Bank
Employer JP Morgan Chase
Location New York, NY
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Diane Genova is New York-based bank executive who serves as a managing director and general counsel, Investment Bank, JP Morgan Chase. She has been with the bank since 1981.[1]


She also is a member of, and serves as treasurer to, the board of directors of the International Swaps and Derivatives Association.[2]

Genova testified before the U.S. House Financial Services Oversight and Investigations Committee on March 28 relating to the MF Global bankruptcy and a $200 million overdraft on a London account that MF Global allegedly used customer funds to cover.[3]

Genova told lawmakers she asked two MF Global officials, General Counsel Laurie Ferber and Deputy Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer Dennis Klejna, for a letter indicating that funds transferred from customer segregated accounts to cover the shortfall did not belong to customers. She testified to the Committee that Ferber and Klejna gave verbal assurances that the transfers complied with the rules regarding protection of customer funds, but that JP Morgan never received a signed letter.[4]


Genova holds a bachelor degree in linguistics from Barnard College and a doctor of law degree from Columbia University School of Law.


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