DigiLog Capital LLC

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DigiLog Capital LLC
Founded 1995
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois
Key People Walt Weissman, Founder; Steven Wolf, Keith Bronstein, Blair Wellensiek and Jay Twery, Partners
Products Futures and equity alternative investments
Website www.tradelinkllc.com

DigiLog Capital is the asset management arm of TradeLink Holdings. Established in 1995[1] as a personal investment vehicle for the principals of TradeLink, DigiLog's platform includes both futures and equity alternative investments, investment with a focus on systematic and quantitative trading.

Digilog's oldest fund is its DigiLog Full Portfolio, which is a futures-based fund. Next is DigiLog Global Equity, which is an equities-based market neutral long/short fund that trades in both the U.S. and internationally. DigiLog also offers DigiLog Fourth Power, a very high-frequency equity arbitrage fund, and the Digilog Master Fund, which invests in the company's other funds and provides investors with access to some of the firm’s proprietary trading.

DigiLog earned over 31 percent in four of its first five years, including 9.80 percent in 1999 when few CTAs were successful. The program uses five distinct trend-following models, two short-term and three medium- to long-term, that trade up to 55 markets in Europe, Asia and the United States.

The program trades all market segments with the shorter-term models limited to the 25 most liquid markets. The models are mathematically based rather than technical.

DigiLog Capital currently manages more than $440 million (as of Feb. 1, 2009) across all the funds.


Products and Services[edit]

Key People[edit]

The principals are heavily invested in all of the DigiLog funds.