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Douglas Ashburn
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Occupation Personal Finance Editor
Employer Britannica
Location North Carolina
Twitter @Dashburn
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Douglas Ashburn is a North Carolina-based journalist, former options trader and Chicago Mercantile Exchange member who is the personal finance editor at Britannica, the 250-year-old firm behind the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Formerly, he was vice president of content at T3 Custom, a publishing firm specializing in content marketing for financial firms. He joined T3 in October 2016 after spending five years as editor-at-large at John J. Lothian & Co.

Ashburn, a 20-plus year veteran of the Chicago financial markets, joined JJLCO in 2011 to serve as a lead project manager for MarketsReformWiki, a database specifically dedicated to tracking and archiving of all information related to regulatory reform in the U.S., Europe and Asia.[1] He was named editor-at-large later that year, and in 2015 added chief operating officer to his title.

In 2012 and 2013, he served as editor of Intelligent Risk, a quarterly publication of PRMIA, the Professional Risk Managers' International Association. In 2016 he was named regional director for the Chicago chapter of PRMIA.


Ashburn has been a derivatives trader in Chicago since the early 1990s. He joined proprietary trading group Cooper, Neff & Associates in 1989, and soon after began trading grain options on the Chicago Board of Trade. When Mitsui Trust Bank purchased Cooper Neff's foreign exchange derivatives operation the following year, he joined the FX team and was assigned to the over-the-counter desk before becoming a floor trader on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.[2]

He left the bank in 1992 to join Chicago Options Associates,a proprietary trading group and finance company. Over the subsequent 20 years, he was a partner in a number of small- and mid-tier trading groups, and also traded as an independent market maker. In 2006, he earned the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst designation from the CAIA Association. He is also a member of the Professional Risk Managers' International Association (PRMIA), as well as the Futures Industry Association Operations Americas division.


  • Illinois Institute of Technology Stuart School of Business, MBA, December 2010. He also worked as a TA and guest lecturer for undergraduate and graduate-level courses in economics and operations management.
  • University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, BS, Agricultural Economics

Registration Information[edit]

Douglas A. Ashburn - NFA ID 0231023

MarketsWiki Education The Financial Industry, a Novel Idea - World Of Opportunity - Chicago 2013[edit]

There’s plenty of room to grow from here; there are lots of opportunities for people to actually still write these rules and also people who can innovate. We need innovators..”~Doug Ashburn

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. For the financial industry, the implementation of Dodd-Frank would become a game changer. Doug Ashburn of John J. Lothian & Company gives an abridged history of the financial industry and touches on how regulation has impacted the global markets. Ashburn gives insight on the effects new regulation may have on the upcoming generation of business professionals, and encourages students that the industry is not just for those with business or finance degrees. Keeping with his literary theme, Ashburn concludes by saying that there are still many chapters left to be written, and there is plenty of room for more voices.

Open Outcry Traders History Project Video[edit]

Doug Ashburn, former CME currency options trader and former John Lothian News editor, shares his experience as a trader in the open outcry trading pits.<br

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Contact Information[edit]

Ashburn can be reached via e-mail at


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