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Headquarters Munich
Key People Oleg Solodukhin, CEO
LinkedIn Profile
Website https://dxfeed.com/

dxFeed is a market data and services provider and calculation agent for the capital markets industry. The company offers financial market information and services to buy- and sell-side institutions in the global financial world. Its customers include brokerages, proprietary traders, exchanges, individuals (traders, quants, portfolio managers), and academia (educational institutions and researchers).

As of 2021, dxFeed had more than 6 million end-users through direct and B2B2C relationships, 200,000 simultaneous streaming clients and over 2.5 million instruments (equities, futures, options, indices, FX, crypto). [1]

dxFeed was named Best Analytics and Technology Provider by WatersTechnology's Inside Market Data & Inside Reference Data Awards in 2020, and Highly Commended Best Data Provider (Equities) by The Fund Intelligence Operations & Services Awards in 2021. [2]


dxFeed is a subsidiary of Devexperts[3], and focuses on delivering financial markets information and services to buy-side and sell-side institutions of the global financial industry, specifically to traders, data analysts, quants and portfolio managers.

Products and Services[edit]

dxFeed’s portfolio consists of services that includes market data, financial analytics and visualization services and other products.


The company delivers market data from a variety of exchanges in North America, Europe, Turkey, APAC, Brazil, and around the world. dxFeed’s infrastructure spans six data centers in the United States and EMEA regions, with additional worldwide coverage through AWS cloud infrastructure. All feeds are consolidated and normalized, allowing clients to receive multiple feeds without numerous integrations.[4]

dxFeed provides:

  • Market data
    Tick-level data available through real-time, delayed[5] and historical data services, including Market Replay.[6]
  • Aggregated data
    Multiple types of custom aggregations (including aggregated order books).[7]
  • Proprietary composite feeds
    A line of composite equities and forex feeds, emphasizing the quality and overpassing feeds’ fragmentarity.
  • Reference data
    Global fundamentals and reference data for proper trading decisions.
  • Data analytics
    Various data services and technologies for analysis
    • Custom market indicators] based on client’s needs[8]
    • Model-free theoretical options pricing.[9]
    • Proprietary technology for iceberg detection.[10]
  • Market data for individuals
    Market data subscriptions that dxFeed provides directly to pro and non-pro traders.

dxFeed supports the following asset classes:[edit]

Supported access:[edit]

  • Java API
  • C/C# API
  • FIX
  • Websocket
  • Python
  • Direct downloads for historical data
  • AWS cloud

Index Management Solution[edit]

dxFeed Index Creation, Development and Management Solution provides:

  • Unified approach to data source management
  • Collaboration tools for index research and prototyping
  • Back-testing tools running on historical data with different levels of aggregation
  • Support for multi-temporal analysis with different versions of methodologies applied to different versions of index baskets and underlying data
  • Organization of index methodologies into visual, manageable, self-documented entities that ensure single-version-of-the-truth source – allowing operations to run routine index maintenance jobs and generate baskets and weightings for the calculation engine.[19]

At the 2020 Eagle Alpha Conference in December of 2020, Anton Antonov spoke about index management and how dxfeed works in its design and construction.

Iceberg Detection Solution[edit]

dxFeed Solution for Iceberg Orders Detection uses its proprietary algorithm.

dxFeeds supports two types of iceberg orders: native and synthetic:

  • Native icebergs are managed by the exchange itself. All new tranches are submitted as modifications of the initial order; this means that the original order ID is preserved throughout the whole lifetime of the iceberg.
  • Synthetic icebergs are submitted by independent software vendors (ISV), whose infrastructure is physically separated from the exchange. ISVs split the initial iceberg order, submit new tranches and track their execution. These tranches are indistinguishable from regular limit orders submitted by other participants.[20]

The processing of both order types is supported by the algorithm. Synthetic icebergs are identical to non-iceberg orders in how they are processed by the exchange, so they can only be detected heuristically and relying on a set of assumptions. An unambiguous detection of native icebergs is possible.

Anton Antonov, a lead quantitative analyst at dxFeed, discussed dxFeed Iceberg Detection Solution at the 6th annual Quant Insights Conference 2020.[21]

dxFeed Radar[edit]

dxFeed Radar is the comprehensive technical & fundamental analysis tool for Equities/FX/Derivatives markets. It addresses some of the most complicated questions in the financial industry, including:

  • How to find the right instruments for investment
  • How to get real-time triggers for trades

dxFeed Radar is a service that can be connected to an application or website via a set of APIs. It allows you to type in your own criteria based on all major technical indicators. The search is performed on tick resolution from real-time data coming from all major US and European exchanges.[22]

dxFeed Widget[edit]

dxFeed widgets is a set of embeddable or standalone web applications that provide an interface for market data visualization and technical analysis. Widgets available for delivery include:

  • Market Data
  • Market Overview
  • Сhart
  • TickerCard

dxFeed can also create additional functionalities on-demand.

All widgets are turnkey solutions as they are hosted in-house, natively fuelled by the dxFeed market data, and we take care of all the integration. They have been created with customization in mind, allowing flexible UI settings (color, fonts, etc.). They can also be powered by other market data sources and embedded into iframe. Use them on any device with various screen resolutions.[23]

dxFeed Cloud Platform[edit]

dxFeed cloud market data platform provides customers with complete and immediate access to real-time price information, reducing the need to invest in costly on-premises IT implementation and infrastructure.

5th generation cloud market data platform unifies access to market data feeds from a variety of global exchanges and delivers streaming, tick-by-tick data in a consolidated format, accessible via simple and efficient APIs with low latency.

In addition to its high-volume streaming data capabilities, the platform includes a fully managed, scalable solution for the storage and retrieval of historical data, including tick-level market replay technology, providing an efficient and cost-effective trading strategy back-testing facility for companies trying to enter new markets.

As an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, dxFeed provides market data services delivery primarily via AWS cloud services with versions of the platform also available for Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.[24]

Key People[edit]