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Edge Financial Technologies
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois USA
Key People Jitesh Thakkar, Founder
Products Custom Software Development
Website www.edgefinite.com

Edge Financial Technologies is an IT consulting firm that specializes in custom software development for the capital markets industry; specifically for futures, equities, options and FX . The focus is on developing black box trading systems, algorithmic trading systems, providing connectivity solutions for the FIX Protocol, and providing direct market connectivity solutions. Their international clients include prop firms, hedge funds and banks.


Edge Financial Technology is a certified partner of Trading Technologies, CQG and Orc Software. Other platform experience includes Realtick, Ninjatrader, and Interactive Brokers as well.

In January of 2018 the CFTC filed charges against Edge Financial Technologies and Jitesh Thakkar for aiding and abetting spoofing and for a manipulation scheme in the E-mini S&P futures contract on the CME.[1]

Products and Services[edit]

Edge Financial provides low latency exchange gateways including connectivity to the CME Group. They also provide post-trade risk management tools, drop copy connectors to the CME Group, ICE as well as CBOE and FIX connectors to the TT FIX Adapter, the CQG FIX API and the Interactive Brokers FIX API. Products also include pre-trade risk controls and customizable FIX Engines.

Services include software consulting and algorithmic trading systems development, including optimization of algorithmic trading strategies. They also provide pre-created algorithms for spreaders, scalpers and arbitrage trading as well as FIX protocol implementation and integration.

Key People[edit]