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Eileen T. Flaherty
Occupation Managing Director
Employer The Global Capital Group Ltd.
Location Washington, DC
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Eileen Flaherty is managing director of The Global Capital Group Ltd., a legal and regulatory consulting firm.

She was previously director of the Division of Swap Dealer and Intermediary Oversight at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission from 2015 to 2017.[1] She was named to the position in July 2015 after more than 25 years' experience in the financial services sector.

Flaherty has been a frequent speaker on legal and compliance issues related to exchange-traded derivatives and other financial services, and has written extensively on the topics.[2] She has been an attorney in Illinois since 1983.[3]

She is the author of the novel The Perilous Step, due to be released April 30, 2020.[4]


Before joining the CFTC, Flaherty served as the global head of compliance and financial crimes prevention and General Counsel for the Americas for Newedge.

Prior to joining Newedge, Flaherty served as managing director of the Global Capital Group from 2004-2011.[5] She previously held senior legal and compliance positions at several financial services firms including general counsel for DRW Holdings, Fimat USA and Harris Insight Funds, Aubrey G. Lanston & Co. Inc., as well as CME and the National Futures Association (NFA).

She served on a Futures Industry Association (FIA) task force focused on financial integrity recommendations for futures and options markets and market participants on behalf of the CME.[6] The task force included representatives of major international exchanges and clearinghouses, brokers and intermediaries, and customers from 17 jurisdictions.[7]

In 1995, Sakura Dellsher Inc., a global futures commission merchant (FCM) at the time, named Flaherty senior vice president and general counsel and Dominic Conenna controller.[8]

John Lothian News Interviews[edit]

Eileen Flaherty's Perilous Road to Success

Eileen T. Flaherty is a longtime legal and compliance professional who is currently managing director of The Global Capital Group Ltd., a legal and regulatory consulting firm. She is also the author of a forthcoming novel entitled The Perilous Step, which draws on her experience rising from humble beginnings to a top job on merit in Washington, D.C. and senior roles in the derivatives and securities industry. Flaherty sat down with John Lothian News in Chicago to talk about the inspiration for her book, which is a fictionalization of her own life story – with names changed to protect the not-so-innocent.

MarketsWiki Education[edit]

The final entry in JLN's MarketsWiki Education 2020 virtual program was John Lothian’s interview of Eileen Flaherty.


Flaherty graduated from Chicago-Kent College of Law with high honors and graduated from Loras College Magna Cum Laude.[9]


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