Eli Lederman

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Eli Lederman
Occupation Former Chief Executive
Employer Turquoise

Eli Lederman is the former chief executive of the pan-European equity trading platform Turquoise. He was appointed to the position in October of 2007, [1] but he was replaced by David Lester in February of 2010, soon after the London Stock Exchange(LSE) took full control of Turquoise.

Lederman sued the LSE in March of 2011 for unfair dismissal.[2] On March 17, 2011, the LSE conceded the unfairness of the dismissal at an employment tribunal. [3]


Lederman was a post-doctoral Research Fellow at Harvard until he joined Morgan Stanley in New York in 1993. At Morgan Stanley, he developed risk management software and worked on derivatives and portfolio analytics.[4]

In 2001, he moved to London and worked as a managing director in Morgan Stanley's sales & trading division until December of 2007.

From 2004 to 2006, he served as co-chair for FIX Steering Committee for Europe, Middle East and Africa.


Lederman received his Sc.B. in physics from Brown University in Rhode Island and his Ph.D in physics from New York University.