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Enclave Markets
Founded 2022
Key People David Wells, CEO
Products Digital asset trading; OTC dark pool for institutional clients
Website www.enclave.market

Enclave Markets is an institutional-grade digital asset trading platform that provides an over-the-counter dark pool for institutional clients.

On September 8, 2022, Enclave Markets announced the launch of Enclave Cross, a new service that allows participants to trade blocks of digital assets at the given market price without any information leakage or market impact. Enclave Cross has begun early-stage production testing with select institutional trading firms and prime brokers, including Hidden Road Partners, LedgerPrime, Republic Crypto, Fir Tree Partners, Scrypt, FBG Capital, and Blizzard Fund, among others. Enclave Cross enables approved participants to execute block trades in a fully private and secure manner.[1]

Enclave Cross currently supports trading of bitcoin, ether, Avalanche’s AVAX, and Circle’s USD Coin, with more to be added later. Because it is a stablecoin-based product (as opposed to fiat), Enclave Cross can operate in several jurisdictions without licensing, though the company is in the process of applying for licenses where they are needed.[2] Enclave Cross uses a new hardware technology called Secure Enclaves, which cryptographically guarantees the integrity of the code base that autonomously runs the trading platform, according to Enclave's CEO.[3]


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