Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges

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Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges
Founded 1995
Headquarters Istanbul, Turkey
Key People Mustafa Baltaci, General Secretary; Huseyin Erkan, President
Web site http://www.feas.org/

The Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges (FEAS) currently consists of 33 members drawn from non-EU Europe, the Caucasus regions, Central Asia, the Middle East and South Asia. It has been based in Istanbul, Turkey, since its inception in 1995 and is currently headed by Istanbul Stock Exchange chairman Huseyin Erkan. In 2009 Dow Jones Indexes launched a series of benchmark indexes based on the performance of some FEAS equity markets.


The FEAS was established on May 16, 1995 with 12 founding members to foster co-operation among exchanges in the region and with governing bodies in other parts of the world. It) is open to emerging stock exchanges in Europe (outside the European Union and the European Free Trade Area), the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Central and South Asia and the Middle East.[1][2]

The governing body of FEAS is the General Assembly, which meets once annually in a member country. The executive committee, comprised of 12 members, is responsible for the development of federation policies, making major administrative decisions, as mandated by the General Assembly, approving the content and scope of tasks assigned to the Working Committee and making recommendations to the general assembly. These two bodies recently met in Amman, Jordam (see Latest news below).

Key products[edit]

In June 2009 FEAS and global market index provider Dow Jones Indexes launched three new indexes based on the performance of FEAS member exchanges. the Dow Jones FEAS Composie Index is based on selected equities of 11 of FEAS's 33 members: Abu Dhabi (UAE), Amman (Jordan), Bahrain, Belgrade (Serbia), Bulgaria, Istanbul (Turkey), Karachi (Pakistan), Macedonia, Muscat (Oman), Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Zagreb (Croatia). The Dow Jones FEAS Middle East/Caucasus Index is based on Abu Dhabi, Amman, Bahrain, and Muscat markets while the Dow Jones FEAS South East Europe Index is based on Bulgaria, Zagreb, Macedonia, Belgrade, Sarajevo and Istanbul. The indexes are weighted by float-adjusted market capitalization.

Key people[edit]

Current president Huseyin Erkan is also CEO and Chairman of the Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE), was instrumental in establishing FEAS during a previous term at the ISE.[3] Mustafa Baltaci, is the general secretary of FEAS, as well as vice chairman of the Istanbul Stock Exchange.

Exchange members[edit]


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Latest news[edit]

FEAS held its most important meetings of the year - those of its executive committe and weorking committee - in May 2010 at the Amman Stock Exchange.[4] FEAS President and ISE Chairman Huseyin Erkan updated members on the progree of FEAS's on-going campaign to attract more initial public offerings (IPOs) to its member exchanges, including an Istanbul IPO summit earlier that month.