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Founded 2015
Headquarters Westport, CN
Key People Emanuel Balarie, Jack Schwager, James Bibbings
Products commodity trading advisory, capital introduction

FundSeeder is a platform designed to find undiscovered trading talent worldwide and connect unknown successful traders with sources of investment capital. [1] The firm was founded in 2015 by three veterans of the trading community: advisor and portfolio manager Emanuel Balarie, Market Wizards author Jack Schwager, and derivatives consultant James Bibbings.[2]

According to Schwager, the site aims to create a centralized website where traders can link their brokerage accounts to create daily, real time verified track records of their performance, and potentially attract capital from investors.[3]

As of October 29, 2018, about 11,000 traders had signed up to FundSeeder, which will use its analytics tools to measure and rate their performance.[4]

Products and Services[edit]

FundSeeder operates two chief business units, FundSeeder Investments and FundSeeder Technologies.

FundSeeder Investments is a commodity trading advisor (CTA), registered with the National Futures Association, aimed at qualified eligible persons.

FundSeeder Technologies operates a social trading network that records and analyzes past performance, and that data is compared quantitatively against other traders' performance.[5]

Key People[edit]

Revealed: Detailed FundSeeder Vision, August 2016[edit]

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In August 2016, Balarie presented a concept and product offering of FundSeeder to several hundred financial industry executives, bankers, and elected government leaders at the Clinton Library in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Registration Information[edit]

FundSeeder Investments is registered with the NFA as a CTA, Forex Member and as a Swap Firm.[6]