Gordana Dostanic

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Gordana Dostanic
Occupation Managing director
Employer Belgrade Stock Exchange
Location Belgrade, Serbia

Gordana Dostanic was initially appointed mananging director of the Belgrade Stock Exchange (Belex) on August 28, 2002, and continues to hold the position. A prolific author of industry analysis, she first joined Belex in 1992, three years after it was founded following the fall of communism, after earlier jobs in the Serbian banking and finance industry.[1]


Dostanic worked for Serbian banks Drvni Kombinat Sremska Mitrovica, Interna banka Vojvodina and Savezna direkcija za robne rezerve after graduating. She joined Belex in 1992 as assistant trading director and following her promotion to MD in 2002 she began writing and editing on a wide range of topics covering local and international securities markets, including a groundbreaking Serbian textbook entitled "The Capital Market".[2] She was also awarded "Manager of the Year in Banking and Finance 2005" by Serbian business journalists.


Dostanic graduated from the Belgrade University of Economics in 1978 with a degree in Finance and Accounting. She is also a licensed acccountant and broker.