HTG Capital Partners, LLC

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HTG Capital Partners, LLC
Founded 2009 (in a merger)
Headquarters Chicago
Employees 100 +

HTG Capital Partners, LLC is a proprietary trading company formed by the merger of Harrison Trading Group with GH Traders.[1] The merger was completed on June 26, 2009. Six months later, Kingstree Trading Group joined the entity. [2]

HTG Capital Partners has operations in exchange-traded and OTC financial instruments (futures, options, swaps and cash markets, as well as all associated options). It provides its traders with global access to markets in the U.S. and Europe, as well as access to proprietary trading applications. HTG supports floor-based and electronic trading through multiple global carrying brokers.

The firm is a member of Principal Traders Group, an affiliate of the Futures Industry Association.[3]

HTG Capital Partners and Kottke Associates announced on July 20, 2016 that they had agreed to HTG's acquisition of Kottke's introducing broker, money management and proprietary trading businesses. The transaction is expected to close in the third quarter of 2016.[4]

About HTG[edit]

HTG Capital Partners’ (HTG) mission is to maximize return on capital by bringing value to the company’s traders, trading partners, and employees. HTG looks to provide value by partnering with trading talent that is in need of a variety of services, support, and capital allocations. HTG offers traders risk management, exchange memberships, connectivity, accounting, HR, IT, and back office services.

Products and Services[edit]

HTG specializes in spread trading strategies in products including futures, options, currencies and cash bonds.

Key People[edit]