Hard Red Spring Wheat

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Hard red spring wheat (HRSW) is one of the highest-protein wheats grown. It is found in bagels, high quality breads and cereals. It is primarily traded at the Minneapolis Grain Exchange.

Hard Red Spring Wheat Production[edit]

HRSW is grown in the U.S. Northern Plains (e.g., North Dakota) and the Canadian prairies (e.g., Saskatchewan). As its name indicates, HRSW is planted in the spring and harvested in late summer with the September contract representing new crop delivery. In contrast, winter wheat is fall-planted and spring-harvested, with a July new crop contract. HRSW is premium milling quality wheat. The commercial standard HRSW specification is 13%-14% protein; whereas the hard red winter (HRW) is often 11% protein. Generally speaking, the higher the protein content, the better the baking quality of the flour.[1]

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