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Harry M. Markowitz
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Occupation Economist
Location San Diego

Harry Max Markowitz is an economist best known for his pioneering work in Modern Portfolio Theory. He won the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 1990.[1] Markowitz currently lives in San Diego, California and guest lectures on a number of non-technical topics for global listeners. [2]


Markowitz started his career at the RAND Corporation in 1952 where he participated in the building of large logistics simulation models. He also developed the programming language, SIMSCRIPT, which reduced programming time by allowing the programmer to describe the system to be simulated rather than describing the actions which the computer must take to accomplish this simulation. Later he worked at General Electric (GE) where he helped build models of manufacturing plants.

In 1989, Markowitz was awarded the Von Neumann Prize in Operations Research Theory by the Operations Research Society of America and The Institute of Management Sciences.

In 2009, Markowitz won the CME Group's Fred Arditti Innovation Award, now called the Melamed Arditti Innovation Award for his 1952 Finance essay, "Portfolio Selection." His theories quantify the benefits of diversification which is standard topic in college courses and widely used by investors for asset allocation, risk control and attribution analysis. [3][4]


Markowtiz graduated from the University of Chicago with a focus on Economics. As a student, he was invited to be a member of the Cowles Commission for Research in Economics, which had a large influence on Economic and Econometric thought andhas produced many Noble laureates. [5]