Henry Horner

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Henry Horner

The late Henry Horner (1817-1878) was a wholesale grocer and flour merchant who was a founding members of the Chicago Board of Trade. He was also one of the first Jewish members of the CBOT and of the City of Chicago.[1][2][3][4]

A grandson, also named Henry Horner, would become the first Jewish governor of the State of Illinois, serving from 1933 to 1940.


Horner, his wife Hannah and their family, lived above the grocery store they operated. The founded Henry Horner & Company after coming to American in 1940 and first working as a clerk for a clothing store. Henry Horner & Company first opened a retail and wholesale grocery story at the corner of Randolph and Canal streets in Chicago.[5][6]

Horner was devastated by the Chicago Fire of 1871 and abandoned a banking venture. In 1878 he discontinued retail operations of his grocery, leaving only a wholesale operation. He died of a stroke in 1878 at the age of sixty.

After his death, his business was continued by his widow and his son Isaac H. Horner, who also was a member of the Chicago Board of Trade.