Homer Livingston, Jr.

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Homer Livingston, Jr.

Homer Livingston, Jr. was a Chicago banker and former head of the Midwest Stock Exchange, who renamed it the Chicago Stock Exchange during his tenure. Livingston died in 2015 at the age of 79.[1][2][3]


Livingston was the son of Homer Livingston, Sr., the president, CEO and ultimately chairman of the First National Bank of Chicago. Livingston, Jr. joined the bank in 1962. By 1969, he had been promoted to vice president and would spend two years in the London branch.

In 1979, Livingston left First National after a conflict with A. Robert Abboud, the bank's top executive. He joined the Chicago office of Lehman Brothers Kuhn Loeb.

However, in 1982, Livingston joined William Blair & Company as a partner. One deal he worked on was with the Dutch bank Algemene Bank Nederland, which had acquired LaSalle National Bank. The Dutch bankers eventually asked Livingston to be the president and CEO of LaSalle National Bank. In 1985, LaSalle was rebranded as ABN/LaSalle and Livingston headed the new operation as well.

After turning around the business of ABN/LaSalle, Livinston resigned in 1988 and formed his own business. He bought some banks needing a turn around in the southwestern U.S.

Then, in 1993, Livingston became the president and CEO of the Midwest Stock Exchange. In order to increase its name recognition outside the U.S., Livingston renamed the exchange the Chicago Stock Exchange. Livingston stepped down from the Chicago Stock Exchange in 1995.[4] The Midwest Stock Exchange had originally been called the Chicago Stock Exchange, but when it absorbed regional exchanges in St. Louis, Cleveland and Minneapolis-St. Paul it renamed itself in 1949.[5]

Livingston served in the U.S. Navy. He attend U.S. Navy Officer Candidate School and served in the Navy from 1957 to 1961. He served in the Pacific. During the Berlin Crisis he was called back to duty and helped train sailors from 1962 to 1963.[6][7]


Livingston earned a bachelors degree from Princeton. He earned a law degree from Chicago-Kent College of Law in 1966.


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