Hsiao Hsin-Chen

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Hsiao Hsin-Chen
Occupation Taipei City Council
Employer Government of Taiwan
Location Taipei, Taiwan

Hsiao Hsin-Chen is a Taiwanese politician. He is known as Taiwan's first-ever candidate to accept political donations in the form of bitcoin.[1]


Hsiao Hsin-Chen is a member of Taiwan's New Power Party (NPP), a left-leaning political party founded in 2015 that aims to eventually rewrite the country's constitution to include more democratic oversight in its political system. It also strives to eventually eliminate the country's current ruling party, the Kuomintang (KMT), which the NPP views as an "undemocratic, pre-modern political party."[2][3]

Hsiao was a candidate for Taipei city council. He announced in August 2018 that his campaign would be open to accepting donations in cryptocurrency. In September, Hsiao announced that he had accepted what was at the time $325 worth of bitcoin, which is the country's limit for "non-cash" political donations. This made him the first politician in Taiwan's history to publicly accept cryptocurrency donations for a campaign.[4][5][6] Template:Cboe adbox