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Royal Boskalis Westminster NV is a Netherlands-based dredging and maritime maintenance company that engages in services like port construction/maintenance, land reclamation, and coastal defense. Boskalis also offers its services in the offshore energy sectors, like work on oil and LNG import/export facilities and offshore wind farms.[1] Please see ICEBlock Only contracts here.[2]


• Dredging & Inland Infra: Dredging activities include construction and maintenance of ports and waterways, coastal defense and riverbank protection, and land reclamation. Related engineering services include rock fragmentation, soil improvement and land redemption. Inland Infra refers to other dry infrastructure projects including construction of roads, railways, bridges, via- and aqueducts and tunnels.[3]

• Offshore Energy: Development, construction, transportation, installation; inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM); and decommissioning of offshore and onshore energy production facilities for oil, gas, and renewable energy.[4]

• Towage: Boskalis provides towing and terminal services to [orts and vessels through their joint venture with Keppel Smit Towage and Smit Lamnalco along with a service fleet of roughly 200 ships. Supported vessels are located in ports in the Asia-Pacifica and at offshore terminals at remote locations across the globe.[5]

• Salvage: Boskalis provides emergency response, salvage and wreck removal services through SMIT Salvage.[6]


• Boskalis was established in 1910 by a group of Dutch families in Sliedrecht.

• Westminster Dredging Company is established by Boskalis in London in the 1930s

• Boskalis acquires Dutch dredging companies Beejenbout and Zanen Verstoep in 1985 and 1988 respectively.

• Boskalis acquires maritime services provider SMIT Internationale in 2010 to assist ships in distress and work with harbor towage services.

• Other notable acquisitions and shareholders include a 50% share in VBMS (2013), acquisition of Dockwise (2013), and an acquisition of Fairmount Marine (2014). All of these brands were merged under the Boskalis name in 2018.

Product Specs[edit]

Boskalis Westminster NV Futures
Trading Screen Product Name IMEQ Boskalis Westminster NV - Amer Phys FLEX Opt
Trading Screen Hub Name ICNL
Contract Symbol UBO
Unit of Trading One option normally equals rights over 100 shares.
Quotation Euro per share
Minimum Price Fluctuation 0.01 Euro per share / 1 Euro per contract
Last Trading Day 17:30 Amsterdam Time. Third Friday in expiry month
  • In the event that this day is not a business day, then the Last Trading Day shall normally be the preceding full business day
Algorithm Price-time trading algorithm with priority given to the first order at the best price.
Block Trade Minimum 8 contracts

Block Trades can be reported up to 17:30 Amsterdam time on any business day other than the Last Trading Day

Strike Price Intervals 5 strikes above/below ATM, increment of 0.50
Exercise Exercise by 19:30 Amsterdam time on any business day
Delivery Months The nearest 3 expiry months plus one quarterly from Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec cycle
Settlement Date Settlement Date is two business days following the day of exercise/Last Trading Day.
Deliverable Specifications Delivery will be 100 shares (or other such number of shares as determined by the terms of the contract).
Option Premium Payable in full by the buyer on the business day following a transaction.
Additional Information In the United States these products may only be offered and sold to prescribed entities under specified conditions.
Stock Exchange EuroNext Amsterdam
Clearing Venues ICNL
NEW YORK 3:00 AM - 11:30 AM

03:00 - 11:30

LONDON 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

08:00 - 16:30

SINGAPORE 4:00 PM - 12:30 AM

16:00 - 00:30

Codes Clearing Admin Name IMEQ ENX AMS
Physical UBO
Logical UBO
GMI (FC) None
ION A.C.N. None




Royal Boskalis Westminster NV

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