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ION Markets

ION Markets is a global provider of trading, analytics, and risk management solutions for capital markets. It focuses on automating the full trade lifecycle, managing risk, and maximizing access to liquidity across capital markets. The organization is known for delivering end-to-end solutions that simplify clients' operations by providing real-time access to critical information necessary for making timely operational decisions​​.

ION Group, the parent company of ION Markets, specializes in mission-critical trading and workflow automation software solutions catering to financial institutions, central banks, governments, and corporates. This broad focus highlights the company's extensive reach and impact across different sectors within the financial industry​​.


Products and Services[edit]

Secured Funding[edit]

  • Anvil e-Trading: Streamlines repo market complexities, focusing on critical aspects.
  • Anvil OMS: Converts information complexity into simplicity with an integrated order management solution for repo desks.
  • Anvil Trade Processing: Centralizes trade processing for repo, securities lending, and collateral trading across fixed income and equities

Fixed Income[edit]

  • FI Credit: Consolidates fixed income market access, data formatting, trading, and post-trade reporting in one solution.
  • FI Rates: Enables connection to all markets from one system, with comprehensive liquidity overview across assets.
  • FI Sales to Trader: Automates the fixed income sales-to-trader workflow for voice trading.
  • FI Swaps: Connects to over 100 IRS, bond, and futures trading venues with a unified information view.


  • Fidessa: Integrates everything needed for equities trading including algo trading, order management, and processing.
  • Dash Financial

Foreign Exchange[edit]

  • Aphelion: Offers fast, accurate rules-based FX trading, pricing, and distribution.
  • Barracuda FX: Provides end-to-end, customizable eFX trading solutions for financial institutions.
  • FX Operations: Manages all forex transactions, confirmations, settlements, and payments worldwide on a single platform.
  • FX Trade and Risk Management: Offers comprehensive forex trade processing and risk management across instruments.
  • MarketFactory Nexus: Facilitates instant access to foreign exchange trading venues.
  • MarketFactory Reflector: Offers cross-venue trade risk assessment to protect FX trading business.
  • MarketFactory Whisperer: Allows one API access to the entire FX market.
  • Spectrum: Serves as a complete foreign exchange solution for brokers, wealth managers, and treasury teams.
  • Spectrum FX Dealer: Enables customer self-service for trade execution, payments, and data access.
  • TradAir: Consolidates tools for optimal FX trade execution into one screen.
  • Wallstreet FX: Delivers high-performance, real-time trade processing solutions for currency management.

Cleared Derivatives[edit]

  • XTP: Provides a platform for derivatives clearing, including real-time settlement and risk management.
  • XTP Clearing: Offers high STP rates and real-time business visibility for processing millions of trades per day.
  • XTP Execution: Automates cleared derivatives trade workflow with integrated order management and global market connectivity.
  • XTP Front-to-Back Suite: Unifies cleared derivatives execution, order management, and post-trade processing.
  • XTP Match: Addresses reconciliation needs and simplifies workflows.
  • XTP Risk JANUS: Tracks real-time positions, P&L, and margin exposure.
  • XTP Spark: Introduces an advanced, easy-to-deploy back-office trade processing platform.


  • ION Desktop: Integrates various software into one user interface to simplify information access and task completion.
  • ION Web (IW): Standardizes custom web application development with a centralized user experience and multi-app container.
  • LatentZero Compliance SaaS: Simplifies compliance for asset managers, catering to all business sizes.
  • LatentZero OMS: Provides fast, reliable order management to simplify and automate workflows.[1]

Key People[edit]


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