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J-Trader is a widely distributed front end application offered by the ISV Patsystems, a subsidiary of ION. It is the best known of Patsystems' three front-end applications. (The other two more recently released products are Pro-Mark and IQ Trader.) J-Trader provides direct access to all of the world's leading exchanges. It offers real-time trading; futures, options, and forex trading on the same screen, and advanced spreading functionality.

J-Trader also offers customizable windows, one-click scalping, real-time profit and loss, protection of orders with trailing stops and brackets, real-time position updates, and advanced, integrated charting functionality with more than 70 technical indicators, including candlesticks, bar charts and Market Profile. It can accommodate single and multiple account trading.

The system can be rebranded, and the user can define the arrangement of windows. [1]

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