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J.P. Morgan Securities LLC
Founded 1979
Headquarters New York, NY
Products Futures, securities and options execution, research, clearing
Website www.jpmorgan.com

J.P. Morgan Securities LLC (JPMS) is a U.S. futures commission merchant and broker-dealer and wholly owned subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE:JPM).[1] The company provides research, sales, execution and clearing services in futures and options across fixed income, equity, foreign exchange and commodity asset classes. J.P. Morgan Futures Inc. holds the U.S. accounts of JPMorgan's global futures and options business customers.[2]

In June of 2011, J.P. Morgan Securities LLC merged with J.P. Morgan Futures Inc., with J.P. Morgan Securities being the surviving entity.[3][4]


JPMS through JPMFI consolidated its current solid position in the global derivatives industry a decade ago by purchasing all futures-related business of North American giant Bank of Montreal (BofM) and its subsidiary, Chicago-based Harris Futures Corp. (HFC).[5] JPMF also received HFC's seats on the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange as part of the deal.

JPMorgan Futures & Options is expanding into new global markets, most recently announcing a China-based joint venture with Zhongshan Futures Co. to provide futures execution and clearing for the Chinese market. JPMorgan told the markets in September 2007[6] it had gained approval for the JV from the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC).

Key People[edit]

Products and Services[edit]


  • Quantitative analysis, focusing on value comparisons among listed futures and options, cash markets and various derivative instruments
  • Customized derivatives research
  • Analytical models, daily reports and interactive tools
  • Research and sales team interaction on stategies

Execution Services[edit]

  • Centralized execution support and access to local specialists
  • Choice of electronic solutions
  • Monitor transaction flows and market trends 24 hours a day

Clearing Services[edit]

  • J.P. Morgan Securities clears 70+ exchanges with electronic trading access to more than 40 of them. More than 99.95 percent of its business is conducted on exchanges where the company maintains direct clearing memberships.
  • Processing system operates in a global environment; volume insensitive, processing 4 million-plus contracts per day.
  • JP Morgan has MORCOM eXtraTrade platform - straight-through processing from execution through to clearing and settlement. This client-based clearing system features a real-time features an online trade-reconciliation tracker, an expiry-position tracker and automated splits and allocations.
  • Global client teams - 24 hours/day, multi-lingual, conversant in futures and options products.



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