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JLN Interest Rates
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Founded September 2009
Headquarters Chicago
Products news and information source on interest rates
Twitter @JLNIR
Website www.jlninterestrates.com

JLN Interest Rates was a newsletter by John Lothian News that focused on fixed income and credit derivatives issues and news. In October of 2014, JLN Interest Rates was combined with JLN FX to create JLN Financials.

Email Newsletter[edit]

The newsletter was published weekly by John Lothian and edited originally by Christine Nielsen and later by the JLN Team. It is the sixth newsletter in the John J. Lothian and Co. newsletter series, which began with the John Lothian Newsletter and includes the Environmental Markets Newsletter, JLN Metals, JLN Managed Futures and JLN Options.

The newsletter, which launched June 24, 2010, includes original content, such as interviews with interest rates industry executives, traders, and others, as well as a selection of the most important stories from the blog that week.[1]


Launched on September 23, 2009, JLN IR was edited by Christine Nielsen. The blog provided content by searching dozens of different news sources each day for non-price based information aimed at helping professionals stay on top of issues and new developments. The blog also included interviews with key people in the options world as well as features and commentary.[2]

Key People[edit]