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Jack Schwager
Jack Schwager.jpg
Occupation Portfolio Manager, Author
Employer ADM Investor Services
Personal Twitter @JackSchwager
Website jackschwager.com

Jack Schwager is a veteran of the commodities markets, well-known throughout the financial sector as author of the Market Wizards book series.[1] He is also one of the founders of FundSeeder, a platform designed to find undiscovered trading talent worldwide and connect unknown successful traders with sources of investment capital. [2]

Schwager is active on the lecture circuit, speaking frequently on topics such as hedge fund investment, CTA performance evaluation, and technical analysis. He received the CTA Expo's 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award in April of 2015.[3]


Before launching FundSeeder, Schwager was a portfolio manager at ADM Investor Services (ADMIS), where he shared managerial duties on the firm's Diversified Strategies Fund, a portfolio of managed accounts trading futures and foreign exchange. The fund was closed in 2015.

Before joining ADMIS, Schwager was a managing director and principal of the Fortune Group, an alternative asset management firm, where he acted as senior portfolio manager for the Market Wizards Fund of Funds. During this time, he also served on the board of Global Fund Analysis, Fortune's research arm.[4]

His prior experience also includes 22 years as director of futures research for some of Wall Street’s leading firms, most recently Prudential Securities.

Among Schwager's books:

  • A Complete Guide to the Futures Markets - 1984
  • Market Wizards - 1989
  • The New Market Wizards - 1992
  • Getting Started in Technical Analysis - 1999
  • Stock Market Wizards - 2001
  • Hedge Fund Market Wizards - 2012
  • Market Sense and Nonsense - 2013


Schwager earned a BA in Economics from Brooklyn College in 1970 and an MA in Economics from Brown University in 1971.

John Lothian News Interviews[edit]

Long run: Jack Schwager talks traders, old and new - May 2015

As the recipient of the CTA Expo’s 2105 Lifetime Achievement Award in New York in April, Schwager spoke with Jim Kharouf, editor-in-chief of John Lothian News about what he knows about about top traders and his new venture, Fundseeder, an online platform for the next generation of market wizards.

Jack Schwager on Market Wizards and How the CTA Space is Changing
- June 2013 (Part 1 of 2) Jack Schwager is a well-known name in the financial market community today, as author of trading classics such as: Market Wizards in 1989, The New Market Wizards in 1992 and Stock Market Wizards in 2001. He’s added to the series in May 2012, with Hedge Fund Market Wizards, and more recently released book Market Sense and Nonsense, where he explores investment models and the theories of how markets work.

He spoke with JLN editor-in-chief Jim Kharouf about hedge fund managers and how the CTA space has changed, what’s happened to managed futures since its breakout year in 2008 and his opinion of just how much growth is left for CTA sector.

In part two, Schwager describes his role as portfolio management role at ADM Investor Services.


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