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Japan Commodity Clearing House Co.,Ltd.
Founded 2004
Headquarters Tokyo
Key People Yoshiaki Watanabe, CEO, Chairman; Masaaki Nangaku, COO, President
Products Clearing and settlement services for the transactions of all commodity exchanges in Japan
Website jcch.co.jp

The JCCH conducts an independent centralized clearing operation for the transactions of all commodity exchanges in Japan. The JCCH is organized as a stock company owned by all Japanese Commodity Exchanges and the Japan Commodity Futures Industry Association, which is an association of FCMs[1].


The JCCH was established on December 24, 2004, and started providing clearing and settlement services on May 2, 2005. Prior to the establishment of JCCH, FCMs had to provide clearing funds sufficient to satisfy different exchanges, for both the house account and the customer account. This required managing some different accounts for clearing and settlement.

Products and Services[edit]

Under the JCCH model, each clearing participant maintains one account at JCCH which is netted based on the daily marking-to-market requirements for all positions held at all exchanges.

Key People[edit]


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