Jefferson Bergamo

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Jefferson Bergamo
Occupation Business Relationship Manager
Employer BM&FBOVESPA‏‎
Location Sao Paulo

Jefferson Bergamo is the business relationship manager for BM&FBOVESPA‏‎ and is responsible for managing relationships with brokerage houses, banks, custody agents, algotraders, DMA service providers and local and foreign ISV's. [1]


Prior to joining BM&FBOVESPA‏‎, Bergamo was an economist at Enertrade, a power and energy trading company in Brazil where he was responsible for market development and commercial negotiation with consumers and suppliers. He was also a settlement manager for BankBoston and developed the Integrated Information System for custody and back-office services. Prior to that, he was an an analyst at CBLC, the Brazilian custody and settlement company where he was responsible for electronic trading and the settlement system operations for the São Paulo Stock Exchange Market (BOVESPA).


Bergamo graduated from Universidade Estadual de Campinas with a degree in Economics. He attended Universidade de São Paulo and received a Masters degree in Power and Energy. He went on to receive an MBA in Management and Administration from Fundação Getúlio Vargas.


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