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Dr. Jock Percy
Jock Percy.jpeg
Occupation CEO
Employer Perseus
Location New York
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Dr. Jock Percy is CEO of Perseus, a managed services provider of high-speed global networks, colocation and trading technologies. He assumed the role in September 2006, after the sale of Double Helix to Ace*Comm.[1]

In 2012, Percy led the launch of Perseus' QuanTA, a high-speed Trans-Atlantic network, as well as Europe's first available commercial microwave network.[2]


Before establishing Perseus in 2009, Percy spent several years as an economist. He held telecommunications positions at BT, Telekom Austria, Finnet and Saudi Telecom.[3] In 2012, Percy was selected as a member of the Financial News Top 40 Executives Under 40. Percy also founded Fxecosystem, a provider of low-latency infrastructure to the foreign exchange market, which he later sold.

Percy is a member of the Young President Organization (YPO) New York Chapter. He also supports the Oceanic Society and Play Rugby USA, a non-profit organization dedicated to development of youth through the sport of rugby.


Percy holds a bachelor's degree from University College London, and a Ph.D. in political economics from University of Canterbury (New Zealand).

John Lothian News Interview, June 2013

Jock Percy of Perseus Telecom on Microwave Technology in the Trading World
Jock Percy spoke with former John Lothian News Editor-at-Large Doug Ashburn about the use of microwave for data transmission – what is driving the demand, the benefits and limitations of wireless, and a bit about the economics of technology upgrades. He closes with a look to the future of wireless and its global implications.


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