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Joe Rosen
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Occupation President
Employer RKA Inc.

Joe Rosen is president of RKA Inc. In the course of his career, his jobs have included exchange executive, adviser, CIO, quant, as well as developer and marketer of electronic trading systems.[1]

He also serves as adjunct professor of management at Polytechnic University, where he teaches a course on management of technology and innovation in financial services [MOTIFS].[2]

He is an author, and his most recent book is The Handbook of Electronic Trading.

He served in a combat infantry brigade of the IDF between 1974 and 1976.[3]


He was previously managing director, trading technology and head of technology marketing at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), where he developed and executed an initiative to promote NYSE’s trading technology products, including a marketing campaign for the Hybrid Market initiative targeted at major sources of order flow and connectivity.

Previously, he was a partner at a financial technology consultancy, where he served as a strategic IT advisor, and built/deployed bespoke trading systems for international financial institutions.

Prior to this, he was the founding chief information officer and director of quantitative research for Dubin & Swieca Capital Management and Highbridge Capital, and a senior IT manager at Nomura Securities. Before this he was a managing consultant and developer at TCAM Systems, where he developed one of the first electronic trading systems with automatic execution capabilities.


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