Joel Mandelbaum

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Joel Mandelbaum
Occupation CEO
Employer Wall Street Systems

Joel Mandelbaum is CEO of Wall Street Systems. Mandelbaum joined Wall Street Systems as chief executive officer, having worked in the capacity of advisor and co-investor during the acquisition of Wall Street Systems by US private equity house Warburg Pincus in January 2006.[1]


Before taking on this role, Mandelbaum was chief executive officer and principal of Financial Sciences, a software company that specializes in enterprise-wide treasury, custody and direct issuance of commercial paper.

Previously, Mandelbaum held the position of president at Thomson Market Information Services,[2] running eight companies across a number of business lines, including securities pricing, asset-backed securities, municipal bonds, trading and electronic publishing. During that time, he had merger and acquisitions responsibilities for Thomson Corporation, an $8 billion electronic publishing company.[3]

Earlier in his career, Mandelbaum worked at Lehman Brothers as a vice president in investment banking, specializing in public finance, new product development and special situations.

He also at one point acted as chief operating officer and principal of Dalcomp Inc., a provider of financial telecommunications software and floating-rate trading software. Mandelbaum owned a 12.010559% interest in Dalcomp, Inc., a New Jersey electing S corporation for tax year 1995. On Jan. 30, 1995, when he and all other shareholders of Dalcomp entered into an agreement to sell their corporate stock to Thompson Municipal Services, Mandelbaum's share of the proceeds of the transaction was $6 million.[4]

Mandelbaum is an active Telemark skier, cyclist and swimmer.


Joel has a BSc from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.