Joerg Asmussen

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Joerg Asmussen
Joerg asmussen.jpg
Occupation Executive Board, Member
Employer European Central Bank
Location Germany

Joerg Asmussen is a member of the European Central Bank's executive board. He was appointed for an eight-year term beginning January 1, 2012.[1][2] He replaces Jürgen Stark who resigned in September 2011.


Asmussen is the former state secretary at the Federal Ministry of Finance in Germany.[3] He joined the ministry in 1996 as a desk officer working on international economic and monetary development, later becoming private secretary to the state secretary of European policy, monetary and credit issues, and international financial and monetary policy. In 1999, Asmussen was appointed as the head of the minister’s office and the private secretary to the federal minister of finance. He continued to work on European policy and general financial issues in other executive positions until he was named as the state secretary in July 2008.

Early in his career, Asmussen was a project manager at the sociological research center Institut für Sozialforschung und Gesellschaftspolitik GmbH in Cologne. There he focused on European economic, social and labor-market policy.


  • MBA, Bocconi University, Milan (1991 - 1992)
  • Diplom degree, University of Giessen & University of Bonn (1988 - 1994)