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Jörg Fischer
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Occupation Formerly chairman of Eurex AG and SWX Swiss Exchange
Employer Formerly with Eurex AG, SWX Swiss Exchange

Dr. Jörg Fischer served as the head of the SWX Swiss Exchange for 15 years.[1] In 1998, when Deutsche Boerse and Schweizer Börse (SWX) began operating their combined derivatives markets as Eurex AG, Fischer served as chairman of both Eurex and SWX Swiss Exchange.

On March 12, 2009, he was inducted into the Futures Hall of Fame, which was established in 2005 to commemorate outstanding contributions to the global futures and options community.[2]


Fischer was replaced as the head of SWX in February 2002 by Reto Francioni, then deputy CEO of Deutsche Boerse and CEO of the Consors Group, Nuremberg, citing an ongoing investigation by the Swiss Federal Banking Commission into an electronic banking project for private bank Vontobel.[3] Fischer also relinquished his leadership positions at Eurex and virt-x.

During his career, Fischer served as president of the Association Tripartite Bourses (ATB) - a predecessor of the SWX - to develop and operate stock exchange systems[4].

In 1986, he was an ATB board member and later became chairman, charged with developing and operating shared systems at the stock exchanges of Zurich, Geneva and Basel, and ultimately with their unification. Prior, he was actively involved in the creation of Soffex[5].

In 1991, Fischer was chairman of the Zurich Stock Exchange and also was named vice chairman of the Swiss Stock Exchange Association. In 1992, he founded the Swiss Electronic Exchange and served as chairman[6]. In 1998, Deutsche Boerse and Schweizer Börse (SWX) began operating a combined derivatives markets, as Eurex AG; Fischer, was named chairman of Eurex and also chairman of SWX[7].