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John L. Roe
Occupation Principal
Employer BTR Trading
Location Chicago

John L. Roe is a principal at futures broker BTR Trading.[1] He is also a commodity trading advisor (CTA) with Roe Capital Management, a commodity trading advisory firm he founded in October 2007.

Roe is also the co-founder, along with James Koutoulas, of the Commodity Customer Coalition.[2] The coalition represents approximately 7,000 MF Global customers waiting for money to be returned.[3]

He is a member of the board of the NFA, representing CTA and CPO in 2013.[4][5] He was elected along with fellow CCC co-founder James Koutoulas.

In December 2011, Roe revealed that he had lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal investment with MF Global. He spoke out about warehouse receipts clearly showing what is owed to some former investors in the bankrupt broker-dealer, saying, "Warehouse receipts, like gold bars, are our property, 100 percent. We are a unique class, and instead, the trustee is doing a radical redistribution of property."[6]

John Lothian News Interviews

Protection Fund: Building a Better Piggy Bank
Is there any protection for my futures account? That is the key question for futures customers today and quite likely, the answer is "no" or "not much." While dialog and debate ranges on the type of customer protection fund or insurance that might or might not work, John Roe, co-founder of the Commodity Customer Coalition and principal at BTR Trading, says it is essential to restore customer confidence.

In this video, Roe explains how protection for futures customers can be established with a small fund that ultimately will grow over time using a small trading fee. And, in the case of a default, it would replace customer funds before they were tied up in bankruptcy court. Published Jan. 8, 2012.[7] Visit the Restoring Customer Confidence video series page >


Roe began with BTR Trading Group in July 2010. He founded Roe Capital Management in October 2007 while working as an associated person with MF Global, which filed for bankruptcy in late October 2011.

Roe began his career as a Globex clerk in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s Eurodollar Pit. He became a trade desk manager at commodity brokerage firm Refco Inc. in August 2005, being named an associated person there in October 2005. Man Financial, Inc. acquired Refco in July 2007, and Refco was spun off and listed on the New York Stock Exchange as MF Global. Roe continued with MF Global until June 2010, focusing on institutional execution and private client brokerage of automated electronic trading systems.

In addition to developing trading models at Roe Capital Management and BTR Trading, Roe works on the boards of non-profit organizations and for a time, served as strategic adviser on campaigns for U.S. Congress and state legislative office.[8] Roe is also the co-founder of the Commodity Customer Coalition.[9] The coalition represents approximately 7,000 MF Global customers waiting for money to be returned.[10]


  • DePaul University (1994 – 1998)[11]


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