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John Yoo
Occupation Product Manager, automated trading products
Employer Trading Technologies
Blog Trade Talk

John Yoo is product manager of Automated Trading products at Trading Technologies. His current responsibilities include ADL (Algo Design Lab), TT Autospreader, TT Autotrader, and the trading simulator.[1][2][3]

He launched TT's visual programming platform, ADL, in 2012. He continues to oversee multiple "sandbox" products that enable rapid automation and refinement of trading strategies. His primary area of research and interest includes:

  • Dynamic source code generation and compilation.
  • Normalization across exchanges.
  • Order management techniques (in-flight, rejects, etc.).
  • Risk management models.
  • User interface.

He also continues to explore methods and philosophies on product management. His latest discourse can be found in the article "ADL™ Enhancements and the “Dog Run” Button" in Trading Technologies blog, Trade Talk.[4]


Yoo was previously a business analyst at TT and a quantitative analyst for the proprietary trading firm HTG Capital Partners.


Yoo holds a M.S. in financial journalism and a B.S. in mathematics and editorial journalism from Northwestern University, Evanston, IL. He is currently getting his masters in computer science at University of Chicago.


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