Juan Carlos Artigas

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Juan Carlos Artigas
Occupation Global Head of Investment Research
Employer World Gold Council
Location New York
Website www.gold.org

Juan Carlos Artigas is the global head of investment research at the World Gold Council in New York, where he is in charge of writing strategic and research notes that put gold in the context of global financial markets. He also regularly presents the strategic case for investing in gold to institutional and private investors.[1]


Artigas has more than six years of experience in financial markets, having previously worked for JPMorgan Securities as a U.S. and emerging markets fixed income strategist, where he first oversaw the U..S cross-sector strategy, and later led the Latin American sovereign debt and Mexico local market strategy effort. In this role he created a Latin American sovereign debt publication and contributed to U.S. and emerging markets strategy publications.

Prior to his work at JPMorgan, Artigas acted as lecturer and consultant at the University of Chicago, and before that he served as an advisor to the general director of planning, programming and budgeting at the Ministry of Education in Mexico City.[2]


Artigas holds a BSc in actuarial sciences from ITAM (Mexico), and an MBA and MSc in Statistics from the University of Chicago. He is also a candidate for Doctor of philosophy in Economics and Statistics.

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