Juan Pablo Cordoba

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Juan Pablo Cordoba
Juan Pablo Cordoba.jpg
Occupation Chief Executive Officer
Employer Bolsa de Valores de Colombia

Juan Pablo Cordoba is the CEO of the Bolsa de Valores de Colombia, aka the Colombia Stock Exchange.


He has served as CEO of the exchange since 2005. Before that, he held senior positions including CEO of the Colombian Deposit Insurance System Manager. He also worked as head of public credit and an advisor at the Ministry of Finance of Colombia.

Cordoba served as a senior economist for the Western Hemisphere Department of International Monetary Fund and an economist at the Inter-American Development Bank. [1]

In Oct. 2014 he was named chairman of the World Federation of Exchanges, which was completed in November 2016.[2]


Cordoba earned a bachelor's degree in economics from Universidad de los Andes, and a masters and doctorate in economics from the University of Pennsylvania.