Juergen Fitschen

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Juergen Fitschen
Juergen fitschen.jpg
Occupation Co-CEO
Employer Deutsche Bank
Location Germany
Website www.db.com

Juergen Fitschen was appointed co-CEO of Deutsche Bank in August 2011, overseeing the company's home market.[1]

He resigned on June 7, 2015, along with co-CEO Anshu Jain, but will stay on until May of 2016, after the company's annual shareholder meeting.

Fitschen is currently on trial in Germany, accused of giving false testimony in a long-running legal battle with heirs of the late media mogul Leo Kirch. Fitschen has denied the charges.[2]


Fitschen started his career in the corporate banking business at Citibank, in 1975, and worked his way up to becoming a member of the Management Committee in Germany.

He joined Deutsche Bank in 1987 and held executive positions in Thailand, Japan and Singapore. In 1997, he became a member of the Global Corporates and Institutions Divisional Board based in Frankfurt and one year later, joined the associated division in London. He was appointed to Deutsche Bank's Board of Managing Directors in 2001 overseeing the corporate and investment banking business. [3]


Fitschen studied economics and business administration at the University of Hamburg.