Julianne Dardanes

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Julianne Dardanes
Ziliak law 2017-0349-XL.jpg
Occupation Law Clerk
Employer Ziliak Law, LLC
Location Chicago, Illinois
Twitter @jdardanes1
LinkedIn Profile
Blog https://ziliak.com/blog/

Julianne Dardanes is a law clerk at Ziliak Law, LLC, a Chicago-based boutique law firm focused on the trading and investment management industry.[1]


Before working for Ziliak Law, Dardanes was an administrative assistant for Satori Investment Partners, a Chicago-based hedge fund. She edited marketing documents and trade write-ups that were featured on Satori’s website. Along with maintaining the website, she installed customer relationship management software and updated it regularly to fit the firm’s client base.

At Ziliak Law, her primary role is to compose articles for the team's blog that are relevant to topics spanning the firm's numerous practice areas. Some of her other assignments include assisting with knowledge management and occasionally conducting research for cases.


Julianne M. Dardanes earned a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences along with a minor in Business from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


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