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D. Keith Ross, Jr.
Keith ross.jpg
Occupation CEO
Employer PDQ Enterprises, LLC
Location Glenview, IL

D. Keith Ross Jr. is chairman of PDQ Enterprises, LLC, parent company of CODA Markets (formerly PDQ ATS), an Illinois-based broker-dealer and alternative trading system. [1]

Before taking the chairman's post, he served as CEO of PDQ Enterprises. He was succeeded in that role by his son, Donald Ross, who became CEO in October 2016.[2]


Ross has been in the securities industry for more than 30 years. His experiences have included floor trading, off floor trading, risk arbitrage, options, futures and cash markets. He has managed several different sized firms ranging from 15-75 employees, the most recent focusing on electronic trading.

He began his career as an options analyst in 1976, and in 1979 became a member of the American Stock Exchange and a registered options trader on the floor of the exchange. In 1983 he formed Ceres Partners, a small trading firm specializing in risk arbitrage and options market making. [3]

In 1988, Ross became a member of the Chicago Board Options Exchange, where he was a market maker until 1999. From 2002-2005, Ross was CEO of GETCO, a Chicago-based proprietary trading firm specializing in electronic market making and high-frequency trading.


Ross holds a bachelor's degree from Princeton University.

John Lothian News Interview, May 2014

Let’s Pause a Moment: Keith Ross Talks Dark Pool Rules and IEX
The addition of high speeds and multiple execution venues has altered the equity market structure in recent years. Now the SEC is weighing in with newly proposed rules on dark pools. Meanwhile, IEX, which rose to fame with Michael Lewis‘ Flash Boys, is trying to move from dark pool to full-fledged exchange. Keith Ross of PDQ Enterprises says transparency is a good thing, and a market pause has its benefits in alternate venues, but as an exchange could create chaos.

John Lothian News Interview, May 2014

Speedy Delivery: Keith Ross on HFT, Reg NMS and Dark Pools
Today’s financial markets can be summed up in three words – global, fast, and complex. But as the market structure evolves, so must the regulatory structure that oversees it. John Lothian News has spoken with several industry experts to create this series on the evolution of financial market structure.

In Part 3, Keith Ross, CEO of PDQ ATS offers his thoughts on high frequency trading, Regulation NMS, maker-taker arrangements, and dark pools. He also expresses concern that the recent furor over HFT may lead to hasty decision making by legislative bodies rather than measured, thoughtful changes overseen by regulatory bodies better equipped to understand market structure and the consequences of change.


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