LME Steel Billet

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As of April 10 2017, this contract has been delisted. [1]

Steel Billet futures
Exchange LME
Settlement Physically delivered
Contract Size 65 tonnes (+/-3.5%)
Pricing Unit Need pricing unit!
Tick Value
  • Ring - Outright $0.50, Carries, $0.01
  • LME Select - Outright $0.10, Carries $0.01
  • Inter-office - Outright $0.01, Carries $0.01
Contract Months Need contract months!
Last Trading Day Up until the close of the first Ring the day before the prompt date
  Open Outcry Electronic
Trading Hours 11:40-11:45

Including daily kerb trading (UK time)

01:00 - 19:00 (London Time)
Ticker Symbol N/A FM
Price Limits N/A N/A



LME Steel Billet contract specifications
LME Steel Billet