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Lawrence G. McMillan
Occupation President
Employer McMillan Analysis Corporation
Twitter @@optstrategist

Lawrence G. McMillan is a professional trader, author and president of McMillan Analysis Corporation, founded in 1991.[1]

In May of 2011, McMillan was awarded the 2011 Joseph W. Sullivan Options Industry Achievement Award by the Options Industry Council.[2][3]


Before founding his his own firm, McMillan was a proprietary trader at two major brokerage firms – primarily Thomson McKinnon Securities, where he ran the equity arbitrage department for nine years.

He is perhaps best known as the author of Options As a Strategic Investment, the best-selling work on stock and index options strategies, which has sold upwards of 200,000 copies. He is an active trader for his own account and also manages option-oriented accounts for certain individuals.

In a research capacity, McMillan edits and contributes to his firm’s publications, "Daily Volume Alerts," "The Option Strategist" and "The Daily Strategist," derivatives newsletters covering equity, index, and futures options. He also is a speaker on option strategies in the U.S. as well as internationally, appearing on financial programs and quoted as a source in mainstream business and trading specialty publications.

In addition, McMillan's Option Strategist Web site contains a number of free learning and analysis tools for serious traders and option students.


  • Options As a Strategic Investment, 3rd Edition, hardcover - ISBN 9780136360018
  • Options As a Strategic Investment (4th Edition Study Guide, paperback) - ISBN 9780735202382
  • McMillan on Options, Second Edition - ISBN 9780471678755
  • Profit with Options: Essential Methods for Investing Success - ISBN 9780471225317
  • New Insights on Covered Call Writing: The Powerful Technique That Enhances Return and Lowers Risk in Stock Investing (with Richard Lehman) - ISBN 9781576601334


McMillan has a B.S. in Mathematics from Purdue University, and a M.S. in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Colorado. He initially worked for Bell Telephone Laboratories in Whippany, NJ, from 1972 to 1976, as a computer programmer at the highest technical level of that firm.[4]


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